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Hire a Coug

Hiring Partners

May 12, 2023
Take the chance to connect with Cougs who are looking for full-time jobs or internships at the Career Expo.

You can also exhibit at the CougsFirst! Show to showcase your products and services to a passionate audience.

6 Reasons Why To Attend a Career Expo

Business Education

CougsFirst! provides business education from Coug experts in multiple fields to help enhance you career skills.

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Search Open Jobs

We offer resources, connections, and advice. We're not just another platform—we're your Cougar family. We know that Cougs support Cougs, and that's why Hire A Coug is so special: it's a community of like-minded people who support each other and their goals and dreams.


Post a Job

Looking to hire a Coug? Post your open positions via your member hub.

Seeking a Job

If you're looking for a job and want to work with fellow Cougs, we have access to employers in various industries—including finance, healthcare, retail, and more—looking for candidates like you. With an expansive range of opportunities for people to explore, from internships to full-time jobs and part-time positions, there's something available no matter what you're looking for!

Cougs Hiring Cougs


Washington State University Alumni and Seahawk CEO, Chuck Arnold, talks about how teamwork is at the center of everything.


Washington State University Alumni and Trellis Sous-Chef, Kyle Martin shares how he got his dream job.

More Hiring Resources

There are other ways to work with Cougs. You can search for jobs and connect with Cougs on: LinkedIn, posting and searching for jobs/internships on WSU's job portal Handshake, looking for Cougar businesses and keeping up to date on latest job postings by subscribing for notifications!