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Be Intentional – Think CougsFirst!

If you’re a Coug and want to support other fellow Cougs in their businesses and endeavors, then there’s no better time to start Thinking CougsFirst!

As we navigate through unprecedented times, the need to rally around our alma mater and fellow graduates has never been more vital.

Why Think CougsFirst!?

Thinking CougsFirst! is more than a slogan; it’s a way of life and intention that nurtures the WSU spirit within the business community.

By choosing to engage with and support fellow Coug-owned and -operated businesses, we’re not only fostering a robust economic network, but also reinforcing the bonds that make our community unique!

Giving Back & Building a Strong Network

The cycle of giving back to Washington State University and the Coug community is a powerful force. It’s not just about monetary donations; it’s about creating opportunities, sharing expertise, and opening doors for fellow Cougs. When we do business with each other, we’re investing in a future where our university and its graduates thrive.

Every interaction and partnership within the CougsFirst! network is a testament to our collective strength. As we support one another, we create a ripple effect of success that elevates our entire community. This not only benefits individual Cougs and their businesses, but also strengthens the foundation of WSU for generations to come.

Cougs Supporting Cougs

As most Cougs know, our network is unparalleled in its passion and dedication. The emotional connection we share as WSU alumni and friends drives us to yell out that “Go Cougs” across the grocery store, attend events to connect with fellow alumni – no matter your age – and continue to seek out and uplift one another in all our endeavors.

By Thinking CougsFirst!, you’re not just making business decisions; you’re making a statement about who Cougs are and what we value – after all, Cougs Support Cougs!

Thinking CougsFirst! is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Before you start looking for products and services, think about what you need. Be intentional in your shopping and work to identify purchase needs before making them.

Are you in the market for a new car? Do you need a new insurance quote? Or maybe you just need a gift for a friend or family member.

When looking for products and services, be sure to first check the CougsFirst! Business Directory. Our business directory is a great resource for finding businesses that are owned, managed, and affiliated with WSU alumni and friends. You can search by category, location, or name – making it easy to narrow down to what you need!


Supporting Coug businesses doesn’t just include purchasing from them. If you have a positive experience with a CougsFirst! member business, tell your friends and family about it!

Share your experiences on social media and leave a review. Word of mouth is powerful, and it can help support our Cougar community even more.

By following these steps, and being intentional with your spending, you can start to Think CougsFirst! and support your fellow Cougs in their businesses and endeavors.