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Leadership, Philanthropy, & Continuous Growth

This podcast episode features Mahmood Ghassemi, a distinguished Washington State University (WSU) alum, electrical engineer, and CEO of Sequoyah Electric, discussing his journey from Iran to becoming a key figure in the engineering and construction industry.

Mahmood shares insights into his deep appreciation for WSU, the importance of building connections, and his transition from technical roles to leadership positions within the industry. Emphasizing the concepts of servant leadership and continuous personal and professional development, Mahmood explains the significance of mentorship, asking questions, and the impact of giving back through philanthropy.

Reflecting on his career, he attributes a part of his success to his education, networking opportunities as a WSU alum, and his approach to leadership and business growth.

The episode also delves into the operational aspects of Sequoyah Electric, highlighting the importance of a strong leadership team, future planning, and the value of investing in people!

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