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From the Cockpit to the Boardroom

This podcast episode features an engaging conversation with Howard Wright, a former commercial pilot who transitioned to become a successful business leader as the founder and chairman of Seattle Hospitality Group.

Howard shares his unique career trajectory, from obtaining his pilot’s license for fun to overseeing thousands of employees across various tourism and hospitality businesses. He discusses the importance of critical thinking, people skills, and leadership in business, emphasizing the role of employee care and stakeholder values over mere financial success.

Reflecting on his own experiences, including failures and the impact of economic downturns, Howard offers valuable advice on entrepreneurship, the significance of networking within the Cougs community, and the essentials of effective leadership and communication.

The conversation also touches upon the value of a supportive personal relationship and the critical aspect of self-care for leaders. This episode is filled with great insights and inspiration for business leaders and professionals at all levels – you definitely don’t want to miss it!

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