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From Family Recipe to Thriving Business

This episode of the CougsFirst! Podcast features a fascinating conversation with Drew and Brighton, a father-son duo who turned their unique ginger sauce into a thriving business. Starting from a family recipe developed 30 years ago by Drew, the sauce gained popularity among friends and family.

Brighton, during his junior year at Washington State University (WSU), introduced the sauce as a business plan for a competition. Winning the competition provided the initial funding needed to officially launch their business, Unkle Drew’z Sauces.

The episode delves into the origins of their business, the critical role of the WSU business plan competition in their entrepreneurial journey, the challenges and lessons learned in starting and growing their business, and the importance of family collaboration in their success.

Additionally, it touches on the strategic decisions behind product branding, leveraging Amazon for sales, and the effectiveness of direct consumer engagement through markets and social media.

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