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Student Series: Sports, Studies, and Entrepreneurial Spirit

In this episode, the podcast welcomes Dean Janikowski, a dedicated WSU football player. Dean not only discusses his passion for football, but also shares his experiences as a creator, fundraiser, student, and business enthusiast.

He reveals how he uses unique methods, like working with a mental coach, to improve his performance on the field, highlighting the importance of mental strength in an athlete’s career. He is also a passionate creator and enjoys filming, which came in handy since the launch of NIL rules.

Dean is actively involved in fundraising, running the ‘Heather Janikowski Foundation’. This foundation, started in honor of his late mother, contributes to cancer patients in local communities.

He advocates for the positive influence of NIL in athletes’ lives, especially college athletes. Dean talks about balancing time between sport, academic activities, and the foundation.

Lastly, he emphasizes the closeness and support found within the WSU community, advocating it as a significant reason for potential students to choose WSU.

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