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How Networking Changed My Life

In this episode of the podcast, we’re joined by Edwin Gianini, a dynamic individual and the current Executive Director of the Lauren McCluskey Foundation. Edwin shares more about his recent move back to Pullman and the hectic weekend that followed. He delves into the foundation’s origin, inspired by the tragic story of Lauren McCluskey, and its growth beyond awareness into research and advocacy against domestic violence.

Edwin reflects on the significance of campus safety and the foundation’s initiative to develop a Campus Safety Score, drawing parallels to similar metrics used in real estate. He emphasizes the need for universities to prioritize safety and the importance of providing comprehensive information for prospective students and their families.

The conversation then shifts to Edwin’s journey from being a student at WSU to his current role. He recounts how chance encounters and being actively present in networking events led to impactful mentorships and opportunities. Fun fact – Edwin was also a student intern for CougsFirst! while studying at WSU!

Edwin then offers his advice to students, highlighting the importance of being present, loud, and offering solutions when seeking mentorship. Edwin shares thoughts on the mentoring process, emphasizing the need for an open-minded and solutions-oriented approach.

The discussion wraps up with insights into the unique Cougar community, the value of Cougs First, and the power of relationships in career development.

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