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As we bid farewell to 2023, we’re filled with immense pride and gratitude. The past year has been full of milestones, growth, and unforgettable moments – thanks to all of you!

We had a record level of engagement and attendance across all of our events. From the bustling energy of the Seattle Show & (first-ever!) Career Expo, to the monthly gathering of fellow Cougs to network with one another (in varying cities across the state), each event was filled with valuable connections and fun!

We look forward to continuing to connect with you all during our events in 2024 – including our flagship Shows, our QB Classic Golf Tournament, monthly After Hours networking events, and MORE exciting new additions to come.

We’re all about Cougs supporting Cougs! This year we experienced remarkable growth and welcomed 133 new business members into our network.

We couldn’t be more proud of the Coug community, who continues to share our passion for supporting fellow Cougs and promoting the success of WSU alumni in the business world.

We continue to expand our reach and bring more Cougs into the fold by spreading our mission to Think CougsFirst! and vision of more Cougs doing business with Cougs!

We are so thankful for each member of the CougsFirst! community – across email, social media, membership, events, and more. Your passion and support have been the driving force behind our success!

If you haven’t listened to all of the CougsFirst! Podcast episodes from the past year, then you’re missing out! We were thrilled to meet so many remarkable Cougs and share their stories through this platform.

We dug into the details, had insightful conversations, and shared numerous business tips and tricks! Listen to all episodes here.