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CougsFirst! Podcast EP. 39 – Alex Brink

Have you ever wondered what professional athletes do after college?

Some go pro, some moonlight as a radio analyst for college sports, and some start a business focusing on holistic, long-term athletic development for youth. 

Well, today’s guest has done ALL of that and more! And he’s here to talk about it. 

In this episode, I’m talking to Alex Brink, an ‘07 WSU Honors College alumni turned co-founder of EForce Sports, a multi-disciplinary organization focused on increasing the growth and participation in sports, through athlete skill/performance development at all levels. 

Alex is also the radio analyst for the WSU Football Radio Broadcast and a co-host of Talkin Cougars on Root Sports NW –so you can bet this episode will be packed with sports talk. 

During our conversation, we talked about the different paths of sports management, his post-college career, why he’s passionate about youth athletic development, his experience in sports broadcasting, and so much more!

The WSU Connection

“When I think about Washington State…there are really high profile schools that lean into this idea of their network effect and what they can provide. I don’t know that there’s a better version of that than Washington State. It’s very real – it’s very 1 to 1. If I picked up the phone and called somebody who has Washington State in their bio and said I’m a Coug also, it’s an immediate connection. That is what is so special about the place outside of the actual geography and things driving into town. When you leave that place, you’re forever connected to anybody else that attends [WSU].”

Building a Training Model

“How do you actually create a great model that really makes them better athletes, and frankly, better people on the way. Then, how does it also make it easier on parents and less expensive?”

Youth Athletic Development

“In the end, we want athletes to be successful and find success on the field, or court, or whatever it is. But really, it’s about when you’re done playing sports, do you have the tools to be successful in life? It’s about business acumen. It’s about mental health and sports psychology. But it’s also about, can you throw a baseball as hard as possible?”

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