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CougsFirst! Podcast EP. 38 – Matt Miera

We all know Coug Nation is one special community. Maybe we’re biased, but there truly is nothing else out there quite like WSU!

Once you realize just how unique this community is and how many ways you can get involved, it’s easy to stay engaged, involved, and give back. Not only does giving back support the next generation of Cougs to thrive, but it can also positively impact your business.

Today’s guest is a ‘02 WSU grad who has consistently stayed involved in Coug alumni groups over the years, always gives back (no matter how small or large), and has a business that’s reaped the rewards from his actions. And he’s telling us all about it!

Matt Miera owns a 73-year-old tavern in Seattle – you might already know it – called Marco Polo Bar & Grill, and he’s on the CougsFirst! Podcast to talk shop about what he’s learned from building the greatest Coug bar west of the mountains, how getting involved in Cougar alumni groups has catapulted his success, what it means to give back (and why it’s vital), and the importance of staying engaged and involved in your alma mater.

Plus, Matt shares his take on why having a simple conversation and building relationships are the keys to building a thriving business and community.

Growing a Business with Networking

“It’s to me the greatest Coug bar west of the mountains. But it wasn’t a Coug bar overnight. Just because I’m a Coug and I put up a flag didn’t make it the official place to go watch the game. It took some time. It took some networking, some hobnobbing, but CougsFirst! literally took us to the next level.”

Culture of Giving

“We have to continue to build a culture of giving, and giving to the university, giving to the different programs, and building that culture to give. For us as a business, it’s actually helped us because you give a little bit here, give a little bit here, but people know you, and they’re like, alright, that business is giving back.”

Getting Involved & Supporting Others

“Everybody needs to be involved, financially or just physically involved, getting out there and helping each other’s businesses continue to thrive.”

Where to Find Matt & Marco Polo


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