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In today’s episode, we’re talking to the one and only Mariah Maki. She’s got a lot of accolades behind her name, with the most recent being Associate Vice President and Advancement & Executive Director of the WSU Alumni Association. 

Mariah is making history as the sixth WSUAA executive director since the position was created in 1934 and the first woman to assume the role. 

Let’s just say she’s the Queen Bee of the Alumni Association and we’re excited to talk to her all about her experience working in higher education, what the Alumni Association is (and what it does), plus the inside scoop on scholarship opportunities, wine and dining programs, homecoming, and why Coug nation is so special!

You definitely want to hear about the amazing things the Alumni Association is cooking up for us this year, so tap that play button!

Keeping That Connection

“The Alumni Association is there to keep that connection going after you graduate, and to build those communities and create that affinity for the school that we all love. And so we want to be we want to meet our alumni where they are and create programming and engagement opportunities for them, regardless of place, regardless of time.”

Reuniting with Cougs & Reliving Memorable Stories

“There are some really special things that are happening with that too. So love that and love connecting. That’s always like, probably the most special thing that we do through the year just getting to meet our Cougs from and hear their stories from back in the day of of where they lived and in what they used to do where they used to go out what the cube was like back then.”

Chapter Involvement & Volunteering

“Get involved with a chapter is always what we encourage. That’s what I talked to that student about, who just asked me last week, and I said, you know, this is your way. Get involved there. Let them know that you want to meet with other Cougs, they’re going to find ways for you to stay connected and get the information that you need, especially if you’re moving to a new city and you need that connection, this is the way to do it. And then that’s just going to open so many doors for folks too, so our volunteers are absolutely amazing.”

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