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Marie Dymkoski: Local Connections + Opportunities | CF! Podcast Ep. 18

In this episode of the CougsFirst! Podcast, we are excited to introduce Marie Dymkoski, Executive Director of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce. Marie is a self-described “Jane of all trades” and a 34-year-long resident of the Palouse.

Keep reading to learn more about what makes Pullman so unique when it comes to uncovering new opportunities. and how Marie uses her position to connect WSU students, staff, and the people of Pullman with the resources they need.

What's Involved in The Role of Executive Director of The Pullman Chamber of Commerce?

One of the things that Marie loves about her job is the unpredictability. Every day is different, and depending on the day, the role of the executive director involves collaborating with community organizations to put on events, oversee day-to-day operations, and even janitorial duties. She describes one of her personal assets as being a “connector” because of her ability to easily connect with others, learn about their needs, and find out how she can help; if she doesn’t have the answer, she will find someone who does. 

CougsFirst! is Much Like The Chamber of Commerce

The Pullman Chamber of Commerce’s mission to “promote, advocate and support the businesses and the community of Pullman,” is nearly identical to that of CougsFirst!- encouraging Washington State University alumni and friends to think CougsFirst! for their products and services. In fact, many members of the CougsFirst! Business Network are also one of the 500+ businesses located in Pullman, that the chamber of commerce serves. They participate in CougsFirst! Show & Career Expo, and work hand-in-hand with CougsFirst! to help connect the current student population of WSU with Coug-owned businesses across the state. 

“CougsFirst! is a great example of a wide net that serves students and alumni.” 

One of the things that makes Pullman so special is its tight-knit community which allows people to form connections and relationships that would not be possible in a large city. During her time as executive director, Marie has developed relationships with the faculty and staff of WSU which allows her to better serve WSU students by connecting them to resources like CougsFirst!. One of Marie’s favorite things about Pullman is “the energy and ideation of the students.” She values the chance to learn from students and share her experiences with them. 

 Marie encourages everyone to pay a visit to find out how they can connect, and make the world a better place, starting in Pullman, Washington.


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