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Tony Poston: Exciting Changes + Growth For CougsFirst! | CougsFirst! Podcast Episode 17

A new episode of the CF! Podcast is here! Tune in to this week's episode to hear the remarkable story of how Tony Poston, the first Executive Director of CougsFirst!, has given a "turbo boost" to the brand and how you can get involved!

​Through a combination of special events, social media, and advertising, CougsFirst! provides a network for WSU alumni and friends to connect and interact in a positive business environment.  

CougsFirst! educates WSU alumni and friends about businesses owned, managed, and affiliated with WSU alumni.

Upcoming Events presented by CougsFirst!

CougsFirst! hosts several events throughout the year to help you network with other Cougs, including

  • The QB Classic is an annual golf tournament where teams find their way back home to Pullman to golf with former WSU quarterbacks, coaches, and other notable alumni at the Palouse Ridge Golf Club.
  • Our annual CougsFirst! Show will be held in Bellevue at the Hyatt Regency on May 12 with a brand-new addition: a Career Expo for job-seekers and alumni. To register and for more details, visit our website or check out our social media.
  • After Hours, a monthly mixer to socialize, network, and hang out with fellow Cougs at Coug-owned, managed, or affiliated businesses. Visit our website and register for the next After Hours near you.

“Follow-up is really the biggest thing.” 

Cougs helping Cougs; it's a significant part of what makes CougsFirst! a unique community. According to Tony, networking and shaking hands is a great starting point for a connection, but following up is where you can maximize the potential relationship. Connect with those you meet on LinkedIn, and follow them on Facebook or other social media channels.

CougsFirst! is a fantastic organization that encourages you to think CougsFirst! for products, services, and hiring! We encourage everyone to follow us on social media, visit our website to learn more, and register for upcoming events!  


How to find Tony:

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