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Dan Diamond: The Evolution of Quality Leadership and Positive Mindsets. CougsFirst! Podcast Episode 16

We're excited to share the latest inspiring episode of the CougsFirst! Podcast with you today. Dr. Dan Diamond is a renowned expert in disaster response and has extensive experience managing mass casualty events. He shares his perspective on quality leadership, its evolution, and a positive mindset. He also discusses his work at the New Orleans Convention Center following Hurricane Katrina and leading one of the first medical teams into Haiti following their devastating earthquake.

As the Director of the Medical Triage Unit at the New Orleans Convention Center following Hurricane Katrina and a leader of one of the first medical teams in Haiti after the devastating earthquake, Dr. Dan Diamond has no shortage of experience leading teams during times of crisis. 

“Diversity is not a box to check; it’s how I see solutions in tough situations.”

The Evolution of Quality Leadership

Leadership is not about being a boss but rather about creating an environment where people can thrive and grow. It's not just about making a difference; it's about creating the right culture for people to develop their own difference. Leadership is a process, and it requires you as a leader to continue learning to improve continuously.

Positive mindsets in Times of Crisis

When times are tough, looking at the big picture is essential. Whether it’s a personal or professional crisis, there will always be moments when you must step back and look at where you are and what you need to do next.

Dr. Diamond believes that positivity is crucial when dealing with challenges. According to Dr. Diamond, “we all have natural reactions to stress and pressure—it’s called fight or flight mode—and if we focus on the negative aspects of this situation, then we will only exacerbate them."

Instead of focusing on how bad things are or how bad they might get, Dr. Diamond advises us all to stay positive by staying focused on our goals as well as other people who can help us achieve those goals: “It's important not just for yourself but also for your team around you because if someone else sees their leader getting stressed out about something unexpected happening during work hours, then that person might feel like they need permission from their boss before taking leave for whatever reason."

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and listening to the podcast episode and hope you can take away some of Dr. Diamond’s insights and apply them in your own life. If you want more content like this, please subscribe on iTunes and be sure to rate the CougsFirst! Podcast.


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