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Pat Chun: Developing Student-Athletes to be their best. CougsFirst! Podcast Episode 15

In the latest episode of the CF! Podcast, we discuss the remarkable story of Pat Chun, the Athletic Director at Washington State University since 2018. Learn more about Pat's role, his philosophy on attracting great athletic coaches, and how to support Cougar Athletes.

What is an Athletic Director?

An athletic director helps create an environment for young people to grow and develop into the best version of themselves. It’s about creating a culture where everyone understands that life is about progress, not perfection.

Pat's philosophy is finding the best people to create this environment for young people and get them in the door. When you have great coaches, everything else takes care of itself. The best athletic directors are those who can attract and keep great coaches.

"WSU has two factors that attract remarkable coaches."

One is the extraordinary leadership of our President, Kirk Schultz, who is considered a leader in all college athletics from the presidential seat. And Chancellor Elizabeth Chilton, who is very engaged in athletics.

Not surprisingly, WSU also has an extremely passionate alumni base on and off campus. They are engaged in supporting their Cougar teams and programs, and they are very generous in supporting our teams.

The importance of academics and athletics

The life of a student-athlete is challenging. They must balance schoolwork and practice. Academics are more than just grades and test scores; it's about developing good habits and behaviors that will benefit you throughout life in many ways other than being an athlete. According to Pat, student-athletes need to maintain a good academic standing because they are only as strong on the field as their weakest class.

How can I support Cougar Athletics? 

It’s easy to support Cougs! You can attend and watch our sports teams play, donate money through the Cougar Athletic Fund (CAF) - our official fundraising arm for athletics—or do both! All donations to CAF go directly toward supporting student-athletes and their athletic endeavors. CAF funds can help with equipment purchases, facility improvements, travel expenses, and anything else required to allow our student-athletes to compete at the highest level. Funds can also assist in providing meals during road trips or on campus when practice times do not permit food options nearby. The possibilities are endless! 

How to find Pat:

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