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Greg Witter: Journalism, Coug Sports & the Importance of Real-World Experience. CougsFirst! Podcast Episode 13

Greg Witter is on the CougsFirst! Podcast to talk about how he became the ultimate Coug Fan. 

Greg honed his interview and writing skills and quickly applied them to his hobby website,

We assume you're reading this because you are a Coug fan, or at least you have a genuine interest in Washington State University. For those of us who bleed crimson and gray, it's clear that there is more to Coug sports than meets the eye.

We've been fortunate enough to be able to sit down and hear Greg's remarkable story of how his love of WSU and well-crafted journalism shaped who he is today., is the hub for all things Coug Nation

Greg is one of the founders of, an insanely detailed resource hub for cutting-edge perceptions, thoughts, observations, recruiting and interviews on all things Coug Nation, making it the go-to website for diehard WSU fans.

In this episode, Greg shares his Cougar-focused life story, how he got his start in journalism (and where it took him!), and why he started Plus, Greg gives us his best tips on journalism, how to interview ethically, and advice to current and recent graduates of the Murrow College of Communication.

“There are so many ways to get writing experience in Pullman.”

When reviewing resumes during his time at Alaska Airlines, those who had practical real-life experience were given a second look, rather than those who just went to college for four years, were thrown out. “If you're a graduate from Washington State University, and all you have on your resume is that you went to college for four years, you've done nothing for yourself.” There are so many ways to get writing experience in Pullman, which is what sets you apart from the competition.

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