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Stay Healthy this Fall Season with Cougs

Transform your body and mind with Coug-owned healthcare, nutrition and spa professionals. We ask you to Think CougsFirst! and "Cougle it" by searching for Coug businesses.





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PRH Athletic Training Program

Can you imagine having doctors, surgeons, dentists, ophthalmologists, and otolaryngologists on speed dial? The PRH Athletic Training Program was put into motion by Pullman Regional Hospital and Inland Orthopaedics. It’s a unique approach to place a professionally trained athletic trainer in a high school, with unparalleled access to specialists and surgeons. Read here.

Pullman Regional Hospital is a proud member of CougsFirst


Life After Sports, What's Next? 

Tune in to Jed Collins, CougsFirst! Board Member, Former WSU Football and NFL player, and current CFP® who has found a passion for financial literacy.

Founded Money Vehicle to be a mission driven company that is trying to close the financial literacy gap!

Author of 'Your Money Vehicle' and adjunct professor of personal finance.

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Go Cougs! CougsFirst!

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